In the 2000s, a small team of mechanics, engineers and riders from Germany set out to shake up the scooter scene or, more precisely, the scooter racing community. They wanted to prove their technical know-how they had gathered at Stage6 over the years and bring their own products to the scooter tuning market. This is when Stage6 R/T, the racing division of Stage6, was born. R/T stands for – surprise! – Racing Team.

The brand and their massive know-how quickly led to the parts becoming more and more popular, no matter if in drag racing or circuit racing.

The German manufacturer’s tuning products are characterized by high quality and top performance, proven by numerous victories and podium places.

Today, the company is one of the leading references in 50cc scooter and moped tuning, and the success story shows no signs of ending.


The German company develops their products in-house with the help of special software and numerous tests on dyno test benches and, as a matter of course, under real conditions at race events. For example, the team’s dragsters, scooters, supermotos and other vehicles regularly take part in the TGO, ScooterPower, Italian Dragster Cup, European Scooter Trophy and other international championships in order to gather information and feedback from riders and, based on this, to continuously develop their product range.

The brand’s high-end products include the famous Stage6 R/T cylinder kits, performance-enhancing exhausts, crankshafts, CVT kits, ignitions, brake components, shock absorbers, oils and carburators. All of Stage6 R/T’s tuning products aim at improving performance for both rider and vehicle.

If you are one of the more ambitious and demanding riders and are looking for the maximum performance guaranteed to have your competitors eat your dust at the next race, the high-performance products from Stage6 R/T in our shop are your best bet.